Analog Devices Takes Automotive Authentication Into the Future

Today’s vehicles are networks of interconnected sensors, actuators, and ECUs, which present a new cybersecurity risk as counterfeit parts or malicious data introduced into the car can degrade the performance, may become a safety hazard for mission critical components, and negatively impact OEM revenue. ADI has a broad range of multi-market secure authentication integrated circuits, whose technology is inherited from a successful range of financial-grade secure microcontrollers. With secure authenticators, you can make no compromise on the security level: Secure Authenticators implement state of the art hardware security technologies to protect cryptographic keys at rest and when in use. This secure foundation is used to provide proven and trustworthy services for the authentication of parts, the security of small data transfers, and the secure storage of life cycle data. ADI Secure Authenticators such as the DS28C40 or DS28E40 easily integrate into existing automotive designs thanks to their low pin count, small form-factor, low power consumption, and ease-of-use, helping secure mission-critical sensors and actuators in the car to ensure they are genuine, OEM approved, and securely connected to the ECUs.