ADI's Slew Rate Controllable ADuM4122 Balances EMI & Efficiency

Analog Devices has been producing isolated gate drivers for decades, and the ADuM4122 continues the innovation, bringing robust isolated control to high voltage power devices. The ADuM4122 allows for an on-the-fly selectable slew rate on the isolated output of the gate driver. This allows designers to tune their gate drive strength for two separate operating conditions, freeing the design from having to tune to the worst case situation. By allowing more flexibility in the slew rate, the trade offs between the negative factors of EMI and voltage overshoot and the positive factor of system efficiency can be better balanced. The ADuM4122 delivers all this in a compact 8 pin solution with greater than 8 mm of creepage for reinforced isolation. With the ADuM4122, your system no longer has to leave efficiency on the table while dealing with EMI and voltage overshoot. The ADuM4122 isolated gate driver is perfectly situated for use in SiC and GaN power systems found in EV (traction or battery management), Photo-Voltaic (PV), and power conversion applications.