Tech Chat with Analog Devices: iCoupler Digital Isolation

Analog Devices iCoupler digital isolation technology embeds trusted safety with data integrity. Today's sophisticated electronics need to be protected from the damaging high voltages and surges that inevitably exist in modern Digital Factories with advanced automation. Smart industry is synonymous with high density digital connectivity and requires mission critical data to remain intact. The proliferation of electrification of all things mobile - from cars to scooters to trains - requires galvanic isolation in everything from critical sensor measurement to efficient battery management control. As digital healthcare becomes ubiquitous - from vital signs monitoring to microsurgery - the patient and their data, collected during procedures and in aftercare monitoring, must be kept safe and secure from corruption.

The drive toward a sustainable future with the likes of solar PV and wind generation requires the associated electronics to have iCoupler digital isolation. With options that offer integration of isolated power and data, protocols that support up to 10 Gbps total bandwidth, and isolated gate drivers with superior CMTI (common mode transient immunity), ADI has the broadest portfolio of digital isolation solutions. Watch the chat and discover the importance of galvanic isolation in keeping patients safe and equipment working in the most demanding environments.