Micropower Zero-Drift Amplifier Improves Circuit Performance

This video explores the superior performance achieved with the LTC2063 zero-drift amplifier in a wide variety of low power applications. The LTC2063 enables precision measurement at extremely low power levels. The LTC2063 operates from 1.7V to 5.25V and features a shutdown mode which is optimized for battery-powered and duty-cycled applications. Extremely low input bias current over temperature allows precision to be preserved even in high impedance circuits.

In addition to excellent input offset voltage and input offset voltage drift, the LTC2063 features high open loop gain, CMRR and PSRR specifications. The LTC2063’s rail-to-rail input stage simplifies applications such as high-side and low-side current sensing. An integrated EMI filter significantly improves EMI performance which simplifies design, reduces component count, and preserves accuracy. The LTC2063 combines all of this performance into tiny SC70 and TSOT packages.