LTC7851 Video Product Brief

The LTC7851/LTC7851-1 are quad output multiphase synchronous step-down switching regulator controllers that employ a constant frequency voltage mode architecture. They maintain excellent current balance between channels when paralleled with their internal current sharing loop. Lossless DCR or a low value RSENSE is used for output current sensing. Multiple LTC7851/LTC7851-1 devices can be used for high phase count operation. A very low offset, high bandwidth error amplifier, combined with remote output voltage sensing, provides excellent transient response and output regulation. The LTC7851/LTC7851-1 operates with a VCC supply voltage from 3V to 5.5V and is designed for step-down conversion with VIN from 3V to 27V* and produces an output voltage from 0.6V to VCC –0.5V. The LTC7851-1 is identical to the LTC7851 except it has a lower current sense amplifier gain, making it ideal for DrMOS devices with internal current sense.