LTC2974 Demonstration Video

The LTC2974 is a quad, digital power-supply monitor, supervisor, sequencer, and margin controller. Supervisory functions include over and under threshold limits for current, voltage and temperature on four output channels as well as OV/UV threshold limits for a single input channel. Programmable fault response allows the power supplies to be disabled with optional retry after a fault has been detected. Serial bus telemetry allows four output voltages, four output currents, four output temperatures, internal die temperature and one input voltage to be monitored. Power supply sequencing, precision point-of-load voltage adjustment and margining are supported with PMBus commands. A programmable watchdog timer monitors microprocessor activity for a stalled condition and resets the micro if necessary. The 1-wire synchronization bus supports power supply sequencing across multiple digital power devices. User programmable parameters can be stored in EEPROM. Voltage/current supervisor, voltage/current monitor and temperature faults can also be logged to EEPROM.