The online tutorials include fundamental design techniques for analog design fundamentals.

Mixed Signal Electronics Systems

Table of Contents:

Sampling Systems

  1. Quantization Noise (MT-001)
    I.  An Expanded Derivation of the Equation, SNR=6.02N+1.76 dB (MT-229)
  2. Data Converter Codes (MT-009)
  3. Data Converter Static Specifications (MT-010)
  4. What the Nyquist Criterion Means to Sampled Data System Design (MT-002)
  5. Understanding SINAD, ENOB, SNR, THD, THD+N, and SFDR (MT-003)
  6. Aspects of ADC Input Noise (MT-004)
  7. Aperture Time, Aperture Jitter, Aperture Delay Time (MT-007)
    I.  The Effect of Clock Noise on Sampled Data Systems (ppt)
  8. Converting Oscillator Phase Noise to Time Jitter (MT-008)
  9. ADC Sparkle Codes and Metastable States (MT-011)

Digital to Analog Converters

  1. String DACs, Thermometer (Fully Decoded) DACs (MT-014)
  2. Binary DACs (MT-015)
  3. Segmented DACs (MT-016)
  4. Oversampling Interpolating DACs (MT-017)
  5. Intentionally Nonlinear DACs (MT-018)
  6. DAC Interface Fundamentals (MT-019)
  7. Fundamentals of Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) (MT-085)
  8. Digital Potentiometers (MT-091)

Analog to Digital Converters

  1. The Flash Converter (MT-020)
  2. Successive Approximation ADCs (MT-021)
  3. Sigma-Delta ADC Basics (MT-022)
  4. Sigma-Delta ADC Advanced Concepts and Applications (MT-023)
  5. Pipelined Subranging ADCs (MT-024)
  6. Folding ADCs (MT-025)
  7. Counting ADCs (MT-026)
  8. Integrating ADCs (MT-027)
  9. Voltage-to-Frequency Converters (MT-028)

High Speed System Applications

  1. High Speed Data Conversion Overview
  2. Optimizing Data Converter Interfaces
  3. DACs, DDSs, PLLs, and Clock Distribution
  4. PC Board Layout and Design Tools
  5. High-Speed Time-Domain Measurements—Practical Tips for Improvement