The online tutorials include fundamental design techniques for analog design fundamentals.

Analog Electronics

Table of Contents:

Operational Amplifiers:

  1. Ideal Voltage Feedback (VFB) Op Amp (MT-032)
    I. Inverting Amplifier (MT-213)
    II. Inverting Summing Amplifier (MT-214)
    III. Half Wave Rectifier (MT-212)
    IV. Full Wave Rectifier (MT-211)
  2. Current Feedback (CFB) Op Amps (MT-034)
  3. Voltage Feedback Op Amp Gain and Bandwidth (MT-033)
  4. Open Loop Gain and Open Loop Gain Nonlinearity (MT-044)
  5. Bandwidth and Bandwidth Flatness (MT-045)
  6. Settling Time (MT-046)
  7. High Speed Voltage Feedback Op Amps (MT-056)
  8. Input Offset Voltage (MT-037)
  9. Total Output Offset Voltage Calculations (MT-039)
  10. Chopper Stabilized (Auto-Zero) Precision Op Amps (MT-055)
  11. Input Bias Current (MT-038)
  12. Input Impedance (MT-040)
  13. Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) and Supply Voltages (MT-043)
  14. Input and Output Common-Mode and Differential Voltage Range (MT-041)
  15. Common-Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) (MT-042)
  16. Outputs, Single-Supply, and Rail-to-Rail Topics (MT-035)
  17. Output Phase-Reversal and Input Over-Voltage Protection (MT-036)

Using Op Amps

  1. Choosing Between Voltage Feedback and Current Feedback Op Amps (MT-060)
  2. Compensating for the Effects of Input Capacitance on VFB and CFB Op Amps Used in Current-to-Voltage Converters (MT-059)
  3. Effects of Feedback Capacitance on VFB and CFB Op Amps (MT-058)
  4. Op Amp Distortion: HD, THD, THD + N, IMD, SFDR, MTPR (MT-053)
  5. Op Amp Noise (MT-047)
  6. Op Amp Noise Figure: Don't Be Mislead (MT-052)
  7. Op Amp Total Output Noise Calculations for Second-Order System (MT-050)
  8. Op Amp Total Output Noise Calculations for Single-Pole System (MT-049)
  9. Op Amp Noise Relationships: 1/f Noise, RMS Noise, and Equivalent Noise Bandwidth (MT-048)

Instrumentation Amplifiers

  1. Basic Two Op Amp In-Amp Configuration (MT-062)
  2. Basic Three Op Amp In-Amp Configuration (MT-063)
  3. In-Amp DC Error Sources (MT-064)
  4. Auto-Zero In Amps (MT-067)
  5. In-Amp Noise (MT-065)
  6. In-Amp Bridge Circuit Error Budget Analysis (MT-066)
  7. Difference and Current Sense Amplifiers (MT-068)
  8. In-Amp Input Overvoltage Protection (MT-069)
  9. In-Amp Input Radio Frequency Interference Protection (MT-070)
  10. A Deeper Look into Difference Amplifiers

Variable Gain Amplifiers (VGAs)

  1. Precision Variable Gain Amplifiers (MT-072)
  2. High Speed Variable Gain Amplifiers (MT-073)


  1. Comparator Basics (MT-083)
  2. Op Amps As Comparators (MT-084)
    I.  Op Amps as Comparators (PowerPoint Slides)

Logarithmic Amplifiers

  1. Log Amp Basics (MT-077)
  2. High Frequency Log Amps (MT-078)

Analog Multipliers

  1. Analog Multipliers Basics (MT-079)
  2. Mixers and Modulators Overview (MT-080)

Sample / Hold Amplifiers

  1. Sample-and-Hold Amplifiers (MT-090)
  2. Applying IC Sample-Hold Amplifiers (AN-270)

Analog Switches and Multiplexing

  1. Analog Switches and Multiplexers Basics (MT-088)
  2. Video Multiplexers and Crosspoint Switches (MT-089)

Voltage References:

  1. Voltage References (MT-087)

Analog Circuit Simulation

  1. Analog Circuit Simulation (MT-099)
  2. SPICE-Compatible Op Amp Macro-Models (AN-138)