Analog Circuit Design Tutorials

The online tutorials include fundamental design techniques for Op Amp basics, Op Amp error sources and specifications along with specialty amplifiers and voltage references.

Analog Electronics

Table of Contents:

Operational Amplifiers:

  1. Ideal Voltage Feedback (VFB) Op Amp (MT-032)
    I. Inverting Amplifier (MT-213)
    II. Inverting Summing Amplifier (MT-214)
    III. Half Wave Rectifier (MT-212)
    IV. Full Wave Rectifier (MT-211)
  2. Current Feedback (CFB) Op Amps (MT-034)
  3. Voltage Feedback Op Amp Gain and Bandwidth (MT-033)
  4. Open Loop Gain and Open Loop Gain Nonlinearity (MT-044)
  5. Bandwidth and Bandwidth Flatness (MT-045)
  6. Settling Time (MT-046)
  7. High Speed Voltage Feedback Op Amps (MT-056)
  8. Input Offset Voltage (MT-037)
  9. Total Output Offset Voltage Calculations (MT-039)
  10. Chopper Stabilized (Auto-Zero) Precision Op Amps (MT-055)
  11. Input Bias Current (MT-038)
  12. Input Impedance (MT-040)
  13. Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) and Supply Voltages (MT-043)
  14. Input and Output Common-Mode and Differential Voltage Range (MT-041)
  15. Common-Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) (MT-042)
  16. Outputs, Single-Supply, and Rail-to-Rail Topics (MT-035)
  17. Output Phase-Reversal and Input Over-Voltage Protection (MT-036)

Using Op Amps

  1. Choosing Between Voltage Feedback and Current Feedback Op Amps (MT-060)
  2. Compensating for the Effects of Input Capacitance on VFB and CFB Op Amps Used in Current-to-Voltage Converters (MT-059)
  3. Effects of Feedback Capacitance on VFB and CFB Op Amps (MT-058)
  4. Op Amp Distortion: HD, THD, THD + N, IMD, SFDR, MTPR (MT-053)
  5. Op Amp Noise (MT-047)
  6. Op Amp Noise Figure: Don't Be Mislead (MT-052)
  7. Op Amp Total Output Noise Calculations for Second-Order System (MT-050)
  8. Op Amp Total Output Noise Calculations for Single-Pole System (MT-049)
  9. Op Amp Noise Relationships: 1/f Noise, RMS Noise, and Equivalent Noise Bandwidth (MT-048)

Instrumentation Amplifiers

  1. Basic Two Op Amp In-Amp Configuration (MT-062)
  2. Basic Three Op Amp In-Amp Configuration (MT-063)
  3. In-Amp DC Error Sources (MT-064)
  4. Auto-Zero In Amps (MT-067)
  5. In-Amp Noise (MT-065)
  6. In-Amp Bridge Circuit Error Budget Analysis (MT-066)
  7. Difference and Current Sense Amplifiers (MT-068)
  8. In-Amp Input Overvoltage Protection (MT-069)
  9. In-Amp Input Radio Frequency Interference Protection (MT-070)
  10. A Deeper Look into Difference Amplifiers

Variable Gain Amplifiers (VGAs)

  1. Precision Variable Gain Amplifiers (MT-072)
  2. High Speed Variable Gain Amplifiers (MT-073)


  1. Comparator Basics (MT-083)
  2. Op Amps As Comparators (MT-084)
    I.  Op Amps as Comparators (PowerPoint Slides)

Logarithmic Amplifiers

  1. Log Amp Basics (MT-077)
  2. High Frequency Log Amps (MT-078)

Analog Multipliers

  1. Analog Multipliers Basics (MT-079)
  2. Mixers and Modulators Overview (MT-080)

Sample / Hold Amplifiers

  1. Sample-and-Hold Amplifiers (MT-090)
  2. Applying IC Sample-Hold Amplifiers (AN-270)

Analog Switches and Multiplexing

  1. Analog Switches and Multiplexers Basics (MT-088)
  2. Video Multiplexers and Crosspoint Switches (MT-089)

Voltage References:

  1. Voltage References (MT-087)

Analog Circuit Simulation

  1. Analog Circuit Simulation (MT-099)
  2. SPICE-Compatible Op Amp Macro-Models (AN-138)