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Will the AD9510 work without a reference input signal?

If you already have the final master frequency and do not require the PLL portion of the clock distribution chip, yes, the AD9510 will work without a reference. Simply bring the master clock signal to the CLK1 or CLK2 inputs and power down the PLL portion of the chip. Incidentally, the AD9512 is a chip that is distribution only, it has 3 LVPECL outputs and 2 LVDS/CMOS outputs. If this is a sufficient number of outputs, it might make sense to consider the AD9512 as an alternative.

If you do not have the final master frequency, and you intend to use the PLL, then you will need to provide the AD9510 with some sort of stand alone external reference. This reference should be supplied to the AD9510 on the REFIN input.