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Why did the model numbers change on the AD9852 and AD9854 products? I thought they were available in the ASQ package.

The AD9852ASQ and AD9854ASQ have been replaced by the AD9852ASVZ and AD9854ASVZ, respectively. This change is required due to the obsolescence of the SQ-80 package at our subcontractor. The new SV-80 package types are pin for pin compatible with the footprint of the SQ-80.

  1. The data sheet will change to REQUIRE the exposed paddle on the SV-80 package be soldered to the circuit board for thermal reasons.
  2. The SV-80 package is slightly thinner (1.00 vs 1.40 nominal).
  3. The exposed paddle is square rather than octagonal, but roughly the same size.

The AD9852AST and AD9854AST packages are still available.