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What is the output format of the ADV202/212?

The ADV202/212 output is a JPEG2000 compatible compressed codestream file in either .j2c or .jp2 format.

Detailed description of the output format can be found in the JPEG2000 standard ISO/IEC 15444-1 and in the ADV202 technical note about the ADV202/212 output format at:

ADV202/212 Output Format

A ADV202/212 generated file will contain a ADV202/212 generated 16-byte header at the start of each field/frame.

This header is required if the codestream is to be decoded by the ADV202/212 and must be removed if a different JPEG2000 decoder is used.

It is possible to output the ADV202/212 generated 16-byte header separately from the codestream. Refer to the ADV202/212 Programming Guide, Encode Parameter ATTRYPE.