Isolation in Ultra Low Power Applications

Advances in isolation technology have reduced the power consumption of digital isolators by orders of magnitude making convenience and safety of standard components available for low power applications. In this webcast we'll look at several designs that take advantage of quiescent currents less than 1uA per channel. This includes 4-20mA field instrumentation, telecom interfaces referenced to negative 42V rails and battery operated applications.


Mark Cantrell is a staff applications engineer for the iCoupler® Digital Isolator Group at Analog Devices, and he is a member of the IEC60079-11 maintenance team. His area of expertise is iCoupler digital isolation products, including isoPower® isolated power supply devices and communications bus devices such as I2C and USB isolators. He is also responsible for agency safety certifications for all iCoupler digital isolator products. Mark received his M.S. in physics from Indiana University.