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The GPS reference design is an evaluation kit designed to demonstrate the essential features of an ultra-low power GPS (global positioning system) receiver, as well as serving as a reference design to illustrate how to implement such a receiver rapidly. The reference design uses the MAX2769C L1-band GNSS RF front end IC (RFIC) from Maxim Integrated, and the ultra-low power GPS baseband processing firmware provided by Baseband Technologies Inc. (BTI) that runs on a MAX32632 microcontroller unit (MCU).

Features & Benefits

  • GPS L1 Snapshot Receiver
  • Ultra-fast
  • Position in as fast as 0.9s
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • 0.5mW to 1.57mW (at 60s update rate)
  • Real-time and post-process operating modes
  • Native arm cortex-M4 design
  • User selectable signal capture
  • 4ms, 6ms, 8ms, 10ms, 16ms, 22ms, 30ms
  • Position accuracy: 5m CEP
  • Passive and active antenna support
  • SD card support
  • PC connection through USB

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