Product Details

Combining the Intel Atom Processor and Altera Cyclone IV GX, the DE2i-150 FPGA Development Kit fuses together the world of high performance processing and unbelievably high configurability. Linked together through two high-speed PCIe lanes, the processor and FPGA have access to high-speed communication between each other, leading to a powerful hardware-software co-development environment with truly unlimited potential.

Terasic DE2i-150 Cyclone IV Board

DE2i-150 Power Tree

Linear Technology Components

LT3023 Dual 100 mA, low dropout, low-noise, micropower regulator.

LTC3609 32 V, 6 A monolithic synchronous step-down DC/DC converter.

LTM4628 Dual 8 A/Single 16 A DC/DC μModule.

LTC3855 Dual, multiphase synchronous DC/DC controller with differential remote sense.

LTC3026 1.5 A low input voltage VLDO linear regulator.

LT3083 Adjustable 3 A single resistor low dropout regulator.

Terasic DE2i-150 Cyclone IV Block Diagram