Product Details

The MAX 10 NEEK from Terasic is a full featured embedded evaluation kit based upon the MAX10 family of Altera FPGAs. It offers a comprehensive design environment with everything embedded developers need to create a processing based system. The MAX 10 NEEK delivers an integrated platform that includes hardware, design tools, intellectual property and reference designs for developing a wide range of audio, video and many other exciting applications.

The fully integrated kit allows developers to rapidly customize their processor and IP to suit their specific needs, rather than constraining their software around the fixed feature set of the processor. The all-in-one embedded solution, the MAX 10 NEEK, combines a 5-point LCD touch panel and digital image module that provides developers an ideal platform for multimedia applications, making the best use of the parallel nature of FPGAs.

MAX 10 NEEK Dev Kit

MAX 10 NEEK Power Tree

Rail/Function Part Number General Description of Part
1.2 V: FPGA Core (MAX10 VCC)
LTC3612 3A, 4MHz Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Convertor
1.8V: MAX10 VCCIO LT3030 Dual 750mA/250mA Low Dropout, Low Noise, Micropower Linear Regulator
1.5V: DDR3
LT3022 1A, 0.9V to 10V, Very Low Dropout Linear Regulator
3.3V: LCD Driver LT3080 Adjustable 1.1A Single Resister Low Dropout Regulator
3.3V: LCD TP LT1962 300mA, Low Noise, Micropower, LDO Regulator
Current Monitor LTC2990 Quad I2C Voltage, Current and Temperature Monitor

MAX 10 NEEK Block Diagram