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Piezoelectric Energy Harvester and 1.2V Secondary Rail

The LTC3388-1/LTC3388-3 are high efficiency step-down DC/DC converters with internal high side and synchronous power switches that draw only 720nA typical DC supply current at no load while maintaining output voltage regulation.The EN pin can be used to activate the LTC3388-1/LTC3388-3. For instance, in this circuit the LTC3388-1 is enabled by the PGOOD output of the LTC3588-1, a piezoelectric energy harvesting power supply, to create a 1.2V rail. The quiescent current that the LTC3388-1 draws will appear at the input of the LTC3588-1, reduced by the conversion ratio of the LTC3588-1 buck converter. Because the LTC3388-1 is driven by a 3.3V supply no capacitors are needed for the internal VIN2 and CAP rails.