Product Details

The Altera Embedded System Development Kit, Cyclone III Edition is a complete development platform for prototyping embedded systems on Altera’s low-cost, low-power FPGAs. As part of this development kit, you’ll find everything you need; hardware, example processor systems, software applications, FPGA and software development tools and documentation to accelerate embedded system development.

DK-EMB-3C120N Dev Kit

DK-EMB-3C120N Power Tree

Linear Technology Components

LTM4601 12 A DC/DC μModule.

LT3481 36 V, 2 A, 2.8 MHz step-down switching regulator.

LT1761 100 mA, low-noise, LDO micropower regulators.

LTC3418 8 A, 4 MHz,monolithic synchronous step-down regulator.

LTC2402 1-/2-channel 24-bit μPower no latency converters.

LT1963 1.5 A, low-noise, fast transient response LDO.

LT1931 1.2 MHz/2.2 MHz inverting DC/DC converter.

DK-EMB-3C120N Block Diagram