Product Details

Altera Cyclone V E Development Kit

Altera’s Cyclone® V E Development Kit offers a comprehensive general-purpose development platform for many markets and applications, such as industrial communications and automation applications. The kit features a Cyclone V FPGA and a multitude of on-board resources including multiple banks of DDR3 and LPDDR memory, LCD character display, LEDs, user switches, and USB and RJ45 connectors. The Cyclone V E Development Kit gives industrial equipment designers greater flexibility in implementing real-time Ethernet communications with Industrial Ethernet intellectual property (IP) cores.


DK-DEV-5CEA7N Power Tree

LTC3608 18 V, 8 A monolithic synchronous step-down DC/DC converter.

LTC3600 15 V, 1.5 A synchronous rail-to-rail single resistor step-down regulator.

LTC3026 1.5 A low input voltage VLDO linear regulator.

LT3009 3 μA IQ, 20 mA low dropout linear regulators.

LTC3025 One 500 mA micropower VLDO linear regulators.

LTC3103 1.8 μA quiescent current, 15 V, 300 mA synchronous step-down DC/DC converter.

DK-DEV-5CEA7N Block Diagram