LCC (with Heat Sink) (EH-, EP-)

Leadless Ceramic Chip Carrier with Heat Sink (Package Drawing EH-, EP-)

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Package Outline Material Information
16 ld LCC (6x6x1.52mm w/3.55 ep) (EH-16-2) PDF PDF
16-Lead LCC (6mm x 6mm w/EP) (EP-16-2) PDF    
16-Terminal LCC w/Heat Sink (6mm x 6mm x 1.52mm w/3.55 HS) (EH-16-2) PDF    
18-Terminal LCC w/Heat Sink (7mm x 7mm x 1.317mm w/4.55mm HS) (EH-18-1) PDF    
6 ld LCC (6x6x1.317mm w/3.55mm ep) (EH-16-1) PDF PDF