ADI provides high-performance hardware and comprehensive solutions to meet your strict design and application needs. At the same time, a well-trained and experienced engineering team will assist your through the entire design and developing cycle.

Security & Surveillance

Design Picture Design Name Description Key Parts
rd_home_utp UTP Cable Auto-Compensation System
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The Analog Devices UTP Cable Auto-Compensation System provides the user with a complete end-to-end UTP cable compensation solution that automatically corrects for cable loss characteristics and pair-to-pair skew. AD8147
rd_home_addi9020 Video Surveillance Camera Front-end Solution Based on ADDI9020 and ICX692AQA
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  • Fully featured analog front-end circuit, including black level clamping, variable gain CDS and 12bit ADC.
  • Programmable timing generator to provide all necessary clocks for the CCD,(RG, H clocks (5), V clocks (12)), sensor gate pulses, base clock and substrate bias control.
  • 60MHz ADC.
  • GPIOs (7) for system function.
  • ADDI9020

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    The designs listed below are developed and owned by ADI distributors and third parties.
    To request more details and technical support, pls contact the distributors and third party directly.


    Design Picture Design Name Description Key Parts Vendor Name and Region Contact Information
    third_repeater WCDMA PICO ICS Repeater
    LTE FDD PICO ICS Repeater
    DCS/WCDMA Micro Multi-Band Selective Repeater
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    MORELINK® WCDMA Pico ICS Repeater provides the most cost-effective solution to improve user experience of high quality WCDMA access in indoor environment. Equipping innovative plug-and-play enabling technologies, general users are able to easily install by themselves without any professional skill.

    Significant Features:
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Built-in Donor and Service Antennas(Gain: 5dBi)
  • Auto Channel Selective
  • Up Link Mute
  • 30dB Adaptive Echo Interference Cancellation
  • 90dB Gain(External Donor Antenna) with MoreLink® Cognitive Auto Power Level Control
  • Channel-based Power/Gain Configuration and Control
  • Channel ICS
  • AD9364 Morelink Technology Corporation.
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    Design Picture Design Name Description Key Parts Vendor Name and Region Contact Information
    third_pm_s Power Measurement Module _ PM series
    (Traditional Chinese)
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  • Support measurement of voltage, current, active power, apparent power, frequency, power factor, bi-directional energy integration and communication.
  • Full voltage range(90-260V)
  • Wide current range (0.1A~30A)
  • High Resolution(0.01W-15kW)
  • High Precision(Class 1.0)
  • Low Power(0.1W)
  • Small size, accept customizing
  • ADE7763
    Joseph Technology Co., Ltd.(Taiwan)
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    Process Control & Industrial Automation

    Design Picture Design Name Description Key Parts Vendor Name and Region Contact Information
    ADuM3070_s 2 Watt Closed Loop Isolated
    DC/DC Design Based on ADuM3070
    (Traditional Chinese)
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  • Input Voltage (+5V)
  • Adjustable Output Voltage(3.3V ~ 24V)
  • High Efficiency(80%)
  • Good Load Reguation Capability
  • Pass EMI Class-B Test(Radiation)
  • Pass Hi-PotTest(2.5kVrms)
  • ADuM3070 Answer Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
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    * Disclaimer: This reference design is provided for reference only. This reference design is provided to ADI clients to assist in the design and development process. ADI reserves the right to modify the provided reference design at any time without prior notice. The client shall be responsible for their own designs based on or adapted from the reference design. Please carefully read through the ADI provided information before referencing or using this reference design. ADI shall not be responsible for the risks associated with referencing or using the reference design.