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RF signal sources are used to create test waveforms at radio frequencies. Some of their common applications are to test if a new radio platform works or if the handsets coming off a production line are performing as they should. RF signal sources can be used to create simple waveforms such as sine waves or complex, modulated waveforms that look like the return echoes from ultrasound or sonar equipment.

ADI offers:
  • One-stop shopping to provide the broadest product portfolio, from digital to RF components, such as phase lock loops (PLL), mixers, power detectors, ADCs, DACs, amplifiers, and digital signal processors.
  • Extensive RF design resources, like easy-to-use simulation tools (ADIsimPLL™, ADIsimRF™, ADIsimSRD™, ADIsimCLK™), the RF forum in ADI's EngineerZone™ web site, and fully-populated evaluation boards.
  • ADI's product compatibility supports design migration across multiple platforms, such as the pin compatible high speed ADCs for different sample rates and resolutions.
  • On-chip integration optimizes signal chain performance and minimizes board space, BOM cost, and power consumption, such as the power management unit (PMU) integrating the linear regulator, the switching regulator, and supervisory functions.
  • Circuits from the Lab™ reference circuits are engineered and tested for quick and easy system integration to help solve today's analog, mixed-signal, and RF design challenges. Web-based design tools optimize performance of custom designs. Some Web-based examples are shown at the end of this document.


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System Block Diagram


Product Type Frequenc y Synthesizer Quadrature Modulator Variable Gain Amplifier
ADF4106 / ADF4107/
ADF4108 /ADF4150/
ADF4153 /ADF4156/
ADF4158 /ADF4350/
ADL5370 /ADL5371 /
ADL5372 /ADL5373 /
ADL5374 /ADL5375 /
ADL5385 / ADL5386
ADL5240 /ADL5243 /
ADL5201 /ADL5202
Product Type Mixer Wideband Amplifier Power Detector
ADL5801 / ADL5350 ADL5541 / ADL5542/
ADL5501 / ADL5502 /
ADL5513 / ADL5519


Circuits From The Lab™
  • CN0027: nterfacing the ADL5371 I/Q Modulator to the AD9779A Dual-Channel, 1 GSPS High Speed DAC
  • CN0147: Powering a Fractional-N Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) with Low Noise LDO Regulators for Reduced Phase Noise
  • CN0003: Very Low Jitter Sampling Clocks for High Speed Analog-to-Digital Converters Using the ADF4002 PLL
  • CN0134: Powering a Fractional-N Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) with Low Noise LDO Regulators for Reduced Phase Noise
  • CN0144: Broadband Low Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Direct Conversion Transmitter Using LO Divide-by-2 Modulator
  • CN0156: Amplitude Control Circuit for AD9834 Waveform Generator (DDS)

Application Notes/Articles
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