16 Channel-To-Channel Isolated Ai Solution For High End TC/RTD Modules



Due to strict robustness requirements, channel-to-channel isolation is a common requirement for analog input modules in many applications such as gas and oil plants and power plants. This is especially true for thermocouple/RTD modules, whose small signals are susceptible to noise and where the bare sensing element may be exposed to high common-mode voltages. This article will outline a high density, easy to design, channel-to-channel isolation solution for analog input modules. Test results are included and verified that a 16-channel, 2.5 kV rms channel-to-channel isolation demo could easily pass the EN55022 class B standard.


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System Block Diagram




AN-0971: Recommendations for Control of Radiated Emissions with isoPower Devices

AN-1349: PCB Implementation Guidelines to Minimize Radiated Emissions on the ADM2582E/ADM2587E RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers

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