ADI cabin electronics system



ADI's cabin electronics system includes head-unit, audio amplifiers, and an audio bus.As a leading company with years of experience in high performance signal processing and automotive electronics, ADI offers a variety ofinfotainment systems that are qualified for automotive applications.ADI offers a wide range of video decoding converters, transcoders and coprocessors with outstanding signal performance and functionality. We can also provide low power LVDS/HDMI®/MHL/APIX2 interface devices.

ADI offers :
  • SigmaStudio GUI development tools.
  • DSP integrated development environment - CCES.
  • Video and audio evaluation boards.


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The SigmaStudio graphical development tool it is a software designed for programming, development, and tuning of SigmaDSP and SHARC DSPs. Common audio processing blocks can be wired together, and the compiler generates DSP-ready code and a control surface for setting and tuning parameters.

  • SigmaStudio standard algorithms include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • FIR/IIR filters, crossovers, blocking
    • Peak detector, rms detector, level detector, slicer
    • Dynamic bass, stereo capture
    • Lookup table, volume control, mute
    • Mixers, splitters, hard/soft clipping

  • SigmaStudio plug-in algorithms are from the following companies:
    • AM3D (power bass)
    • Dolby®(DAEP, headphones, virtual speaker, prologic)
    • BBE(MP、ViVA)
    • SRS(Circle Sound、TruBass®、TruSurround® XT、WOW、WOW HD)
    • DTS (Surround Sensation)
    • Embracing Sound (TH4)
    • ADI(surround sound, virtual, EAS, ultralow sound)

    SHARC and Blackfin DSP evaluation platforms

    Evaluation Board:
    • ADV7180/ADV7180-M/ADV7181/ADV7182 evaluation board
    • ADV7186 Evaluation Board
    • ADAU1450/ADAU1451/ADAU1452 Evaluation Board
    • ADSP-21479/ADSP-21489 evaluation board EZLITE
    • ADZS-SC584-EZLITE evaluation board
    • ADSP-BF592/ADSP-533/ADSP-707 evaluation board
    • Evaluation boards of video amplifiers, video multiplexers, audio codecs

    Circuits from the Lab® :
    • CN-0101 : Reconstruction Video Filter Using the ADA4430-1 Amplifier After the ADV7393 Video Encoder(CN0101) —
    • CN-0060 : Low Cost Differential Video Receiver Using the ADA4851 Amplifier and the ADV7180 Video Decoder(CN0060) —
    • CN-0282 : USB Powered DVI/HDMI-to-VGA Converter (HDMI 2 VGA) with Audio Extraction(CN0282) —
    • CN-0224 : Quad HDMI Input, Fast Switching Multiplexer Using the ADV7612 Receiver with Extended Temperature Range (CN0224) -

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