ADI Dual Beam Spectrophotometer Demo System And Solution


Application Introduction

This is the second article for spectrophotometer applications. In the first article, "ADI Dual Beam Spectrophotometer Solution," we discuss the applications, theory of operation, circuit architecture, and design considerations for spectrophotometers. This article introduces related, new ADI demo systems and products.


To achieve this objective, low drift and an accurate signal chain are required, and ADI excels in these two areas. Additionally, including dual beam architecture is also a key part of spectrophotometer design.

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Main Signal Chain of WSN Node

Notes: The signal chains above are representative of a wireless sensor network application system. The technical requirements of the blocks vary, but the products listed in the table are representative of ADI solutions that meet some of those requirements.

Product Type 1. Amplifiers  2. Difference Amplifiers 3. ADCs 4. MCUs 5. References 6. Muxes 7. Switches 8. Interface 9. Power Management
ADA4350 / AD8615 /
AD8605 / AD8626
/ AD8278
/ AD7798 / AD7799
ADuCM361 /
ADR4525 / ADR3425 /
ADG704 / ADG708 /
ADG733 / ADG1636 ADM3251E ADP2441 /
ADP2370 /
ADP160 /
ADP7102 /


Design Tools/Forums

· ADA4350 Video
· ADuCM361 Design Tools
· Analog Photodiode Wizard
· ADIsimPower™: ADI Voltage Regulator Design Tool
· EngineerZone™: Online Technical Support Community

Circuits from the Lab®

· CN-0312: Dual-Channel Colorimeter with Programmable Gain Transimpedance Amplifiers and Synchronous Detectors
· CN-0363: Dual-Channel Colorimeter with Programmable Gain Transimpedance Amplifiers and Digital Synchronous Detectors
Application Notes/Articles  
· Analog Dialogue, "Programmable-Gain Transimpedance Amplifiers Maximize Dynamic Range in Spectroscopy Systems"
· Use Synchronous Detection to Make Precision, Low Level Measurements
· Optimizing Precision Photodiode Sensor Circuit Design
· Seven Steps to Successful Ultralow Light Signal Conversion

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