Certified Electromagnetic Compatible RS-485 Interface Design Tool

#1 Design Challenge for Industrial Communications Ports is Meeting EMC requirements. 

Combining Industry Leading Analog Devices RS-485 and Bourns external protection expertise solves EMC problems for RS-485 comms ports.

EMC Design Challenge

  • Achieving compliance to EMC Regulations
  • Difficult to match the dynamic breakdown characteristics of
    • The protected device IO
    • And the protection components
  • Time to Market:
    • Multiple Board iterations
    • Budget Overruns


Certified* EMC Compliant RS485 Interface Design Tool

  • Saves time and budget by allowing:
    • Testing of the circuits at the beginning of the design cycle.
    • Use of schematics and layout as a starting point in your design.

System Development Platform

ADI RS-485 Products

Bourns Circuit Protection Products

Evaluation Kits

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EVAL-EZLINX Circuit Diagram

Product Details

The ezLINX iCoupler® Isolated Interface Development Environment provides developers with a cost-effective, plug and play method for evaluation eight physical layer, digitally-isolated communication standards (USB, RS-422, RS-485, RS-232, CAN, SPI, I2C, and LVDS). The Blackfin® ADSP-BF548 processor is used to run the uCLinux operating system and allows for easy customization through the open source hardware and software platform. Development time is significantly reduced for embedded designers and system architects who are designing and evaluating isolated communication standards. The interfaces on ezLINX use ADI's isolated transceivers with integrated iCoupler® and isoPower® digital isolator technology.

Reference Designs

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*Certification Disclaimer:

*Certified: EVAL-CN0313-SDPZ board was certified at an external EMC certification test house. It is intended as a design aid to help reduce risk and number of design iterations and is not as a replacement for rigorous EMC design and consideration at the system level. You are solely responsible for testing the circuit and determining its suitability and applicability for your use and application. EVAL-CN0313-SDPZ is supplied “as-is” and without warranties of any kind, express, implied, or statutory including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability, noninfringement or fitness for a particular purpose and no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices or Bourns for their use, nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties that may result from their use.