Water droplets on a leaf turning into data waves
Water droplets on a leaf turning into data waves
Connecting the Edge for
a Sustainable Future
InnovateFPGA: Connecting the Edge for a Sustainable Future

Applying Technology to Address Global Challenges

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ADI and Intel
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There is a driving need for exponentially more computing. We are in an era of distributed intelligence, where data must be moved, stored, and processed faster and more securely than ever before.

The InnovateFPGA contest seeks to explore solutions to this challenge while reducing the environmental impact and the demand that we place on the planet’s resources.

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“ADI and Intel share a vision for how world changing technology can enrich the lives of every person on the planet. There is enormous potential for our technologies to improve the way people live and to reduce our impact on the planet, and we’re proud to support the engineers of the future as they pursue this work in InnovateFPGA.”

Anelise Sacks

Senior VP, Chief Customer Officer | Analog Devices

Analog Devices is Proud to Support the Innovate FPGA Contest

Technology offers an unparalleled opportunity to reduce humanity’s impact on the planet, whether it be through smarter management of energy, reducing food waste in the supply chain, improving the performance of mass transit, or any number of other opportunities facing the world.

Because of this opportunity, it is critical that we as an industry nurture the best and brightest minds on their path to solve these challenges. This contest offers teams the chance to work with leading technology from Intel, Terasic, Microsoft, and Analog Devices to make technology at the edge smarter.

We hope you’re as eager as we are to see what is created when technologists rise to the challenge of “engineering good.”

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Analog Devices is Providing 3 FREE Boards for Qualifying Contestants

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Once registered, explore our extensive portfolio of Evaluation Boards and Reference Designs to help solve your system level application challenges.

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ADI is proud to team up with Intel and Terasic to sponsor the InnovateFPGA Design Contest. Hundreds of teams worldwide compete to unlock the power of Intel's Cyclone V SoC with ADI technologies that sense, measure, power and connect.

Learn More About ADI’s Sustainability Efforts

ADI’s technology is at the forefront of making the world more sustainable, whether it be through solutions that make the grid more efficient, enabling the capture of renewable energy, creating the technology that will allow the world’s cars to be electrified, or making everyday technology more power efficient.

Beyond the value of our technology, ADI is also committed to reducing its impact as a corporate citizen.

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Analog Devices Advances Climate Strategy and Commits to Net Zero Emissions by 2050

As the bedrock of the modern digital economy, semiconductors have a major role to play in improving standards of living while protecting planetary health. ADI is uniquely positioned to drive positive impact with a comprehensive portfolio of technologies that sit at the intersection of our customers and society's most pressing challenges.

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Analog Devices Completes Allocation of Semiconductor Industry’s First Green Bond

At ADI, we are putting our great engineering minds and resources behind tackling some of society’s greatest threats, especially climate change. In support of this, ADI completed the semiconductor industry’s first green bond offering last year and invested the nearly $400 million in proceeds in transformational, energy-efficient technologies and greener buildings at our corporate campus.

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