Evaluation Board Controller for Precision Converters


The Evaluation Board Controller (EVAL-CONTROL BOARD) is the main component in a complete self-contained evaluation and demonstration platform for Analog Devices precision analog-to-digital converters. The DSP-based controller board provides control and processing capability to configure and capture data from a range of ADC evaluation boards. Software for control, capture and processing of data in a PC environment is provided with each of the individual ADC evaluation boards.
The range of boards which are compatible with the Evaluation Board Controller are identified by a CB designator at the end of the part number in the evaluation board ordering number (e.g. EVAL-AD7266CB). Note the distinction between the above numbering and evaluation boards ending in a PCB designator. Combining the Evaluation Board Controller with any of the compatible ADC evaluation boards enables:

  • Easy Set Up
  • Support of Multi-Channel and Single Channel ADCs
  • Quick Analysis of ADC Performance
  • SNR, SINAD, THD and Code Distribution Information
  • Configuration of ADCs with Different Operating Modes


Setting up the evaluation platform for a particular ADC is a straight-forward task. The range of equipment required is the evaluation board for the ADC of interest, the Evaluation Board Controller and a 12V ac power supply block. The connection diagram for the evaluation platform is outlined below. For analysis of ac performance a quality signal source is required.

Control Board  ADC Evaluation Board 12v AC Power Supply


The 12V ac mains-powered power supply block comes in three different flavors and should be ordered when ordering the Evaluation Board Controller. For US and Japan, the model number is EVAL-110VAC-US; for Europe it is EVAL-220VAC-EU and for the UK, it is EVAL-220VAC-UK. Other regions in the world should order as per mains voltage requirements: either the 100 V-120 V or 200-240 V mains voltage standards.

Two versions of the Evaluation Board Controller are available, EVAL-CONTROL BRD2 and EVAL-CONTROL BRD3. Functionality on both boards is the same. The difference between the boards is the speed of the clock used on the on-board DSP and the memory size. Product web pages and datasheets will identify which version of the Evaluation Board Controller is compatible with any particular product.


Technical notes are available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). The technical note for the Evaluation Board Controller is available to download at the following link:

This note includes information on how to set up the hardware environment and how to load the appropriate software. It also includes a schematic and bill of materials for the Evaluation Board Controller.