ADIsimPE powered by SIMetrix/SIMPLIS

Personal Edition Circuit Simulator

A Guided Tour of ADIsimPE Linear and Mixed-Signal Circuit Simulator – Personal Edition

ADIsimPE, which is powered by SIMetrix/SIMPLIS, is a circuit simulation suite optimized for the design and development of analog and mixed signal circuits. SIMetrix mode is ideal for the simulation of general non-switching circuits. It provides full Pspice compatibility for use with industry-standard SPICE models. SIMPLIS (SIMulation Piecewise-Linear System) mode simulates the operation of switching circuits with vastly improved robustness, speed, and accuracy compared to standard SPICE. It is particularly useful for switching power supply, PLLs, and ADC/DAC applications.

ADIsimPE includes:

  • Extensive library of ADI IC models and application schematics.
  • Full schematics capture and editing capabilities with easy waveform viewing and analysis.
  • SPICE mode SIMetrix simulation ideal for op-amps, references, Linear Regulators, and more.
  • SIMPLIS mode simulation optimized for switching power supplies, PLLs, and more.
  • Integration capability with ADIsimPower design tools. Supported by EngineerZone.

ADIsimPE is intended for ADI customers who do not have a full license to the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS program. It can read ADI encrypted schematics as well as non-encrypted Intro compatible ones.