Features and Benefits

  • Supports ADSP-CM40x mixed-signal processors.
  • Programs flash memory via UART port.
  • Mass-erase functionality.
  • Command-line mode for batch programming.

Product Details

CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer (CCSFP) is a standalone application for programming, erasing and re-programming the on-board flash of mixed-signal processors, via the UART interface. This utility is useful in a number of scenarios:

  • Batch-programming the flash memory during the production process.
  • Programming the flash memory on products that expose a UART interface, but not a JTAG interface.
  • Upgrading the flash memory of products in the field, without requiring a full development environment.
  • Erasing and re-programming flash memory that has become corrupted.

The CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer requires the Windows operating system. An installation of CrossCore Embedded Studio is not required.

The CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer is available for download at no charge.

Downloads And Related Software

Product Downloads

CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer for ADSP-CM41x, ADSP-CM40x and ADuCM302x Processors - Legacy Release (Rev. 1.2.0)

Software Development Tools

CrossCore® Utilities

Future releases of CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer will be distributed as part of the CrossCore Utilities product. CrossCore Utilities provides several utilities for use with Cortex-M processors. These utilities have previously been distributed within various Board Support Packages for the IAR and Keil toolchains, and are collected together in this product for convenient maintenance.


CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer is a licensed product available in binary executable format. Recipients must accept a license agreement with ADI prior to installing or using the product.

Systems Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate (32- or 64-bit)
  • Minimum of 1MB hard disk (HDD) space.

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