Features and Benefits

  • Supported Microcontrollers: ADuCRF101 – Precision Analog Microcontroller ARM with Cortex M3 with ISM-Band RF Transceiver.
  • Supported Peripherals: The supported peripherals are common to all ARM Cortex-M3 Analog Microcontrollers, except as noted in the Supported Peripherals table

Product Details

The Analog Microcontroller Software Development Kit (AMSDK) provides a high-level language C programming environment and Application Programming Interface (API) supporting a quick and easy functional interface to the Analog Microcontroller products. The API abstracts the low-level details of various peripherals (Controller Registers, DMA Engine and Interrupt Controller) into a simple, easy-to-use programming model. The AMSDK is available in source form. Various example programs are also included..


Each module supports the Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) Blackfin or SHARC Processor family and is a licensed product that is available in object code format. Recipients must sign or accept a license agreement with ADI prior to being shipped or downloading the modules identified in the license agreement.

Performance Metrics

MIPS summary:

Memory Footprints (bytes)
ROM Data
RAM Data
Multi-Channel, 12-bit, 100kSPS ADC (Specific to the ADuCRF101)
FLASH 600 0 0
Flash Memory Controller
0 0 General Purpose Input/Output
 249  16 16  General Purpose Timer
 2,209 54  76  Inter-Integrated Circuit Serial Interface
 PWM  248  8  8 Pulse Width Modulator
PWR   208  16 16  Power Management
SPI   1,615  0  122 Serial Peripheral Interface
 UART 990   93  44 Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
 UHF 3,180   0  21 ISM Band Transceiver (the ADF7023 Chip) (Specific to the ADuCRF101)
 WDT  200 7  8 Watchdog Timer
WUT  414   0  8 Wakeup Timer

Systems Requirements

  • Windows XP Professional SP3 (32-bit only).
  • Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate SP2 (32-bit only). It is recommended to install the software in a non-UAC-protected location.
  • Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate (32 and 64-bit). It is recommended to install the software in a non-UAC-protected location.
  • Minimum of 2 GHz single core processor, 3.3 GHz dual core is recommended.
  • Minimum of 1 GB memory (RAM), 4 GB is recommended.
  • Minimum of 2 GB hard disk (HDD) space is required.