Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates the MAX77960/MAX77961 USB Type-C Buck-Boost Chargers with Integrated FETs for 2S/3S Li-Ion Batteries
  • Demonstrates 3.5V to 25.4V Input Operating Range
  • Demonstrates Charging Up to 3A (MAX77960)/6A (MAX77961)
  • Demonstrates USB-OTG Functionality
  • Demonstrates JEITA Compliance with On-Board Dummy Thermistors
  • Assembled and Tested
  • I2C Serial Interface

Product Details

The MAX77960/MAX77961 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested surface-mount printed circuit board (PCB) that evaluates the MAX77960/MAX77961, 3A/6A USB Type-C® buck-boost chargers.

The MAX77960/MAX77961 EV kit includes the IC evaluation board with integrated I2C communication interface and USB micro-B cable. Windows®-based graphical user interface (GUI) software is available for use with the EV kit and can be downloaded from Maxim’s website at www. maximintegrated.com/products/MAX77960 (under the Design Resources tab) and www.maximintegrated.com/products/MAX77961 (under the Design Resources tab). Windows 7 or newer is required to use with the EV kit GUI software.


  • 2- and 3-Cell Battery-Powered Devices
  • Battery Backup
  • Digital Still, Video, and Action Cameras
  • Drones
  • Handheld Computers and Terminals
  • Handheld Radios
  • Medical Devices, Health and Fitness Monitors
  • Power Tools
  • Smartphones, Tablets, and 2-in-1 Laptops
  • USB Type-C Powered Wide-Input Charging Applications
  • Wireless Speakers

Applicable Parts