Features and Benefits

  • High-Efficiency Solution
    • Up to 97% Peak
    • Up to 87% at Full Load
    • Up to 96% Light-Load Efficiency at 1A with DCM Enabled
  • Inductor Valley Current Limit is Configured to 16A (R_SEL = R1 = 6.04kΩ)
  • Programmable Switching Frequency from 400kHz to 900kHz
  • Programmable Positive and Negative OCP Limit
  • Programmable Reference Voltage with External Input Option
  • Fast Transient Response with Quick PWM™ Architecture
  • Differential Remote Sense with Open-Circuit Detection
  • Percentage-Based Output Power Good and OVP
  • Open-Drain Status Indicator (STAT) Pin
  • Input Undervoltage and Overvoltage Lockout
  • Adaptive Dead Time Control
  • Integrated Boost Switch
  • 27-Bump WLCSP (2.2mm x 3.8mm) Footprint
  • Operation Using Ceramic Input and Output Capacitors

Product Details

The MAX38802 evaluation kit (EV kit) serves as a reference platform for evaluating the MAX38802 voltage regulator IC. This single-chip, integrated switching regulator provides an extremely compact, highly efficient, fast, accurate, and reliable power-delivery solution for low-output voltage applications. The MAX38802 has different programmability options to enable a wide range of configurations.

The EV kit consists of a fully-assembled and tested Printed Circuit Board (PCB) implementation of the MAX38802. Jumpers, test points, and input/output connectors are included for flexibility and ease-of-use. Refer to the data sheet for ordering information and more details.


  • DDR memory – VDDQ, VPP and VTT
  • GPU Core Supply
  • I/O and Chipset Supplies
  • Point-of-Load (POL) applications
  • Servers/uServers

Applicable Parts