Features and Benefits

  • Extends TMDS Interface Length as Follows:
    • 0 to 50m over DVI-Cable, 24 AWG STP (Shielded Twisted Pair)
    • 0 to 36m over DVI-Cable, 28 AWG STP
    • 0 to 30m over DVI-Cable, 30 AWG STP
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • +3.3V Power-Supply Operation
  • Includes AA Battery Supply Option
  • Includes On-Board +15kV ESD Protection*
  • Pass-Through of Analog Video

Product Details

The MAX3815 evaluation kit (EV kit) is an assembled demonstration board that provides in-system evaluation of the MAX3815 TMDS® cable equalizer. The input and output connections are made through Molex DVI™ connectors for direct connection to DVI cables.

Single-link and dual-link DVI cables can be connected but only the single-link data path is equalized and passed to the output connector.

In this version of the EV kit, the DDC signals are simply passed through the board. Also passed through are Hot-Plug Detect, +5V, R, G, B, HSync, VSync, and DDC Ground.

A battery holder is included along with DC-DC conversion circuitry to allow operation from two AA batteries. Note: The battery pack is for ease of use without an external power supply. Operational time will be limited when using batteries.


  • DVI/HDMI Cable-Extender Modules and Active Cable Assemblies
  • Front-Projector DVI/HDMI Inputs
  • High-Definition Televisions and Displays
  • LCD Computer Monitors