Features and Benefits

  • 2.7V to 6V Input Voltage Range
  • 5V Output Voltage
  • Less than 500mV Output Voltage Droop with 1.42A Burst Current
  • 90% Efficiency
  • Output Disconnected from Input during Shutdown
  • 600kHz Switching Frequency
  • Internal MOSFET and Synchronous Rectifier
  • 3µA IC Shutdown Current
  • Surface-Mount Components (TSSOP Package)
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX1688 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a boost switching regulator for one Li-Ion cell or three NiCd/NiMH cells in battery-powered systems. The EV kit accepts a positive input between 2.7V and 6V and converts it to a 5V output. It can easily deliver the current burst required for cell-phone power amplifier systems. The MAX1688 reduces battery surge current by slowly charging a reservoir capacitor, which supplies the necessary peak energy for the current burst. As a result, the peak battery input current is limited, thereby minimizing the battery voltage sag and transient dips. The EV kit operates at 600kHz, allowing the use of small external components.

The MAX1688 EV kit provides low quiescent current and high efficiency for maximum battery life. An internal synchronous rectifier is used to provide over 90% conversion efficiency. This EV kit is a fully assembled and tested surface-mount circuit board. The MAX1688 EV kit can also be used to evaluate the MAX1687.


  • GSM Phones
  • PC Cards (PCMCIA)
  • Wireless Handsets