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The ADP1051-240-EVALZ evaluation board and the ADP1051DC1-EVALZ daughter card feature the ADP1051 in a dc-to-dc switching power supply in full bridge topology with synchronous rectification. The circuit is designed to provide a rated load of 12 V, 20 A from a dc input voltage source of 36 V dc to 75 V dc. The ADP1051 provides functions such as output voltage regulation, synchronization, constant current control, prebias start up, direct paralleling, and comprehensive protection.

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41.68 M
ADP1050/ADP1051/ADP1052 Register Access Only Software (Rev.
This software is used to program the ADP1050, ADP1051 and ADP1052. It is truly graphic and interactive. Power design engineers with no prior programming experience can use the software to monitor and quickly adjust functions like PWM timings, frequency, filter settings, protection limits, etc.

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