Features and Benefits

  • Pretrimmed voltage monitoring threshold
    • 2.63 V for ADM8611-EVALZ with ±1.3% accuracy
    • 1.10 V for ADM8612-EVALZ with ±1.4% accuracy
    • 2.32 V for ADM8613-EVALZ with ±1.3% accuracy
    • 2.63 V for ADM8614-EVALZ with ±1.3% accuracy
    • 1.00 V for ADM8615-EVALZ with ±1.6% accuracy
  • Manual reset (MR#) pin for input condition override (all boards except ADM8614-EVALZ)
  • Separate voltage supply (VCC) and input pin (INPUT) for low voltage monitoring (ADM8612-EVALZ/ADM8615-EVALZ)
  • Watchdog timer input (WDI) pin for monitoring an external microprocessor (ADM8613-EVALZ/ADM8614-EVALZ/ADM8615-EVALZ)
  • Watchdog disable input (WD_DIS) pin (ADM8613-EVALZ/ADM8614-EVALZ)
  • Watchdog timeout selection input (WDT_SEL) pin for extending the timer period (ADM8614-EVALZ)
  • Built in tact switch (JP1) for input condition override (all boards except ADM8614-EVALZ)
  • Built in LED for output monitoring

Product Details

The ADM8611-EVALZ/ADM8612-EVALZ/ADM8613-EVALZ/ADM8614-EVALZ/ADM8615-EVALZ boards demonstrate the ADM8611/ADM8612/ADM8613/ADM8614/ADM8615 with the features summarized in Table 1 of the user guide. These ultra low power voltage supervisors monitor the input voltage level and compare it against an internal reference.

Full details about the ADM8611/ADM8612/ADM8613/ADM8614/ADM8615 are available in the product data sheet, which must be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the ADM8611-EVALZ/ ADM8612-EVALZ/ADM8613-EVALZ/ADM8614-EVALZ/ADM8615-EVALZ.


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