Features and Benefits

  • Full featured evaluation board for the ADL5580
  • Dual-supply operation
  • Easy to use interface with ACE

Product Details

The ADL5580-EVALZ evaluation board allows the manual control of the ADL5580 through the USB port on a Windows® PC via a SDP-S interface board.

Additional information on the ADL5580 is provided in the ADL5580 data sheet. Consult the ADL5580 data sheet in conjunction with the user guide when using the ADL5880-EVALZ evaluation board.

Getting Started


  • +5 V and −1.8 V dc power supplies
  • System demonstration platform, EVAL-SDP-CS1Z (SDP-S)
  • Network analyzer
  • Signal generator
  • Oscilloscope with high-Z probe (option)
  • Spectrum analyzer (option)
  • Windows PC with two or more USB ports


  • ACE software


ACE Software

54 MB
ACE plug-in for Board.FMCADC20 1.2020.32200 [Nov 07 22]
Plugin supporting the AD-FMCADC20-EBZ evaluation board with the AD9213, ADL5580, ADF4371 and HMC7044 products in a full system board design.
111 KB
ACE plug-in for Board.ADL5580 1.2020.31500 [Jul 31 20]
Supports the ADL5580-EVALZ board. The ADL5580 is a high performance, single, differential amplifier with 10dB of voltage gain, optimized for applications spanning from dc to 10GHz.
122 MB
ACE Installer Software 1.27.3250.1427 [Feb 13 23]
Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software. Requires internet access. Run this executable to install ACE onto your computer. Required before installing the plug-in(s) above. Once ACE is installed, double-click on the plug-in package to install the plug-in.


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