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The ADIS16227/PCBZ is a breakout board, which provides (1) ADIS16227CMLZ and (1) interface PCB to simplify the process of prototyping during the early stages of system design and evaluation. The ADIS16227CMLZ is a fully-integrated, vibration measurement/analysis system, which provides a serial peripheral interface (SPI) for all digital communications. It provides a flexible connector interface, with a with a dual-row, 14-pin connector. The interface PCB provides access to the ADIS16227CMLZ, using a dual-row, 2mm-pitch, 16-pin connector that supports standard ribbon cable systems and hand-soldering connection techniques. The interface PCB provides a mounting hole for ADIS16227CMLZ attachment, using a 10-32 machine screw. It also provides a set of holes for mounting the interface board to the system’s frame, along with another set of holes that line up with M2x0.4mm tapped holes on the ADISUSBZ evaluation system board.

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