Features and Benefits

  • Single-supply voltage: 3.3 V
  • Wide frequency range: DC to 18 GHz
  • SMA connectors for RF signals
  • Parallel interface and SPI
  • On-board calibration thru transmission line for analyzer calibration

Product Details

The user guide describes the EVAL-ADGM1144SDZ for the ADGM1144, a dual-chip, RF switching solution containing a single-pole, four-throw (SP4T), microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) switch, and a control chip copackaged in a compact, 5.00 mm × 4.00 mm × 1.0 mm, LGA package.

The SP4T switch uses Analog Devices, Inc., MEMS switch technology, providing optimum performance in terms of bandwidth, power handling capability, and linearity for RF applications. The control chip generates the high-voltage signals needed for the MEMS switch and allows the user to control its operation through a simple and flexible complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)/low voltage transistor to transistor logic (LVTTL)-compliant parallel-interface as well as through a serial-peripheral interface (SPI). It is possible to daisy-chain multiple ADGM1144 devices together to enable the configuration of multiple devices with a minimal number of digital lines.

For SPI, the EVAL-ADGM1144SDZ connects to the USB port of a PC via the SDP board. The EVAL-SDP-CB1Z board (SDP-B controller board) is available to order at the Analog Devices website.

The EVAL-ADGM1144SDZ comes fitted with connectors for RF and control signals as well as links to control the operation of the switch and evaluate its performance.

For full details on the ADGM1144, see the ADGM1144 data sheet, which must be consulted in conjunction with the user guide when using the EVAL-ADGM1144SDZ.

Getting Started


  • 3.3 V DC power supply
  • Vector network analyzer (VNA)
  • EVAL-SDP-CB1Z (SDP-B) controller board
  • Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software with EVAL-ADGM1144SDZ plugin


ACE Software

229 KB
ACE plug-in for Board.ADGM1X04 1.2022.35100 [Aug 22 22]
The ADGM1X04 supports the evaluation boards EVAL-ADGM1004EBZ, EVAL-ADGM1304EBZ and EV-ADGM1001SDZ for the ADGM1004, ADGM1304 and ADGM1001 devices. ADGM1004 is a 0 Hz/DC to 13 GHz, 2.5kV HBM ESD SP4T, MEMS Switch with Integrated Driver. ADGM1304 is a 0 Hz/DC to 14 GHz, Single-Pole, Four-Throw MEMS Switch With Integrated Driver. ADGM1144 is a 0 Hz/DC to 18 GHz, Single-Pole, Four-Throw MEMS Switch With Integrated Driver. ADGM1001 is a 0 Hz/DC to 34 GHz, single-pole, twp-throw MEMS Switch With Inte
122 MB
ACE Installer Software 1.26.3240.1417 [Jun 21 22]
Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software. Requires internet access. Run this executable to install ACE onto your computer. Required before installing the plug-in(s) above. Once ACE is installed, double-click on the plug-in package to install the plug-in.

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