Features and Benefits

  • DS5000T with 32kbytes RAM
  • In-system loader hardware
  • Evaluation software with date/time utilities
  • Full DS5000/DS5000T documentation
  • Host PC software


  • PC with at least 128 kilobytes of free memory
  • DOS, Windows® 3.x, or Windows95
  • RS-232 port
  • Power (+5V, GND) applied to VCC, and GND pins
  • Crystal (to run the DS5000TK hardware)

Product Details

With the DS5000TK Evaluation Kit, the user can quickly configure the DS5000T for operation in the target system without detailed knowledge of the operation of the DS5000's bootstrap loader interface. The DS5000TK Evaluation Kit not only serves as a first-time evaluation system for the DS5000 or the DS5000T but also performs the equivalent function of an EPROM programming system throughout the prototyping phase of the design cycle.

It can also be easily modified to work with the DS2250(T) and DS2252T Microcontroller Modules.

Applicable Parts

Documentation & Resources