Features and Benefits

  • Expedites New Designs by Eliminating First-Pass Prototyping
  • Demonstrates Key Functions of the DS3170
    DS3/E3 Single-Chip Transceiver (SCT)
  • Includes DS3170 Single-Chip Transceiver (SCT),
    Transformers, 75Ω BNC, and Termination Passives
  • Interfaces with Any PC with an RS-232 Serial Interface
  • High Level Windows®-Based Software Provides
    Visual Access to All Registers
  • Software Controlled (Register) Mapped
    Configuration Switches Facilitate Real-Time
    Clock and Signal Routing
  • Precision Test Points for All Clocks and Signals
  • On-Board DS3 and E3 Crystal Oscillators for
    Stable Clock Generation
  • Easy-to-Read Silkscreen Labels Identify the
    Signals Associated with All Connectors,
    Jumpers, and LEDS
  • Product Details

    The DS3170DK is a fully integrated design kit for the DS3170 DS3/E3 single-chip transceiver (SCT). This design kit contains all the necessary circuitry to evaluate the DS3170 in all modes of operation. The design kit also includes an on-board microprocessor to run real-time code for further part evaluation.


    • Access Concentrators
    • Digital Cross Connect
    • Integrated Access Device (IAD)
    • Multiservice Access
    • Multiservice Protocol
    • PBXs
    • PDH Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
    • Platform (MSPPs)
    • Platforms (MSAPs)
    • Routers/Switches
    • SONET/SDH Muxes
    • Test Equipment