Features and Benefits

  • ADALM2000 compatible
  • USB Type-C powered
  • Provides two outputs with increased current sourcing capabilities

Product Details

The AD-M2KPWR-EBZ is an ADALM2000 add-on board which increases the output current capability up to 700mA. This board can be also used as a standalone benchtop power supply with positive and negative outputs.

The AD-M2KPWR-EBZ is a USB Type C powered board capable to increase the output current of ADALM2000’s power supplies. 


  1. USB type C:  4 – 18 V (validated with RPI USB-C power supply - not provided in the kit), 20W (power supply permitting)
  2. External (screw terminal connector): 4.5–18V; 20W (power supply permitting)


Switching between the inputs is done with a jumper.

Outputs: (2 control modes)

  1. Two variable power supplies that track M2K user supplies:
    1. 0V to 5V (400mA in USB power mode)
    2. –5V to 0V (400mA in USB power mode)
  2. Two variable power supplies, controlled from a potentiometer
    1. 1.5V to 15V (up to 700mA if powered with 18V)
    2. –15V to –1.5V (up to 700mA if powered with 18V)



  • General-purpose electronic systems
  • Educational applications
  • Automated test equipment

Getting Started

The board is plugged into ADALM2000 and must be supplied either from USB Type C power adapter (Power Delivery not supported) or from a lab supply using the screw terminal connector. After that, the programable user supplies of ADALM2000 can be used as usual, but they will source more current.

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