Features and Benefits

Enables connection to the following products with a 16-conductor, 1mm ribbon cable:

  • ADIS16334BMLZ (in conjunction with an ADIS1644X/FLEX)
  • ADIS16362BMLZ 
  • ADIS16364BMLZ 
  • ADIS16365BMLZ 
  • ADIS16367BMLZ 
  • ADIS16405BMLZ 
  • ADIS16407BMLZ 
  • ADIS16445BMLZ (in conjunction with an ADIS1644X/FLEX) 
  • ADIS16448BMLZ (in conjunction with an ADIS1644X/FLEX) 

Product Details

The ADIS16IMU2/PCBZ provides a simple breakout board function for the ADIS1636x and ADIS1640x MEMS IMU product families. When used in conjunction with an ADIS1644X/FLEX, the ADIS16IMU2/PCBZ provides a simple breakout board function for the ADIS16334, ADIS16445 and ADIS16448 as well. This PCB has four mounting holes that will support use of M2.5 machine screws and provides access to critical IMU signals through a 2x8, 16-pin, 2mm pitch connection, which supports easy connection with standard ribbon cables (1mm systems). The ADIS16IMU2/PCBZ serves as a partial replacement for several obsoleted evaluation tools. Please see the following list:


  • Replace the ADIS16334/PCBZ with (1) ADIS16334BMLZ, (1) ADIS16IMU2/PCBZ and (1) ADIS1644X/FLEX
  • Replace the ADIS16445/PCBZ with (1) ADIS16445BMLZ, (1) ADIS16IMU2/PCBZ and (1) ADIS1644X/FLEX
  • Replace the ADIS16448/PCBZ with (1) ADIS16448BMLZ, (1) ADIS16IMU2/PCBZ and (1) ADIS1644X/FLEX

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