Features and Benefits

  • The system bus interface operates like external memory with an active low chip select.
  • Supports asynchronous big endian bus format.
  • Supports asynchronous 100 MHz operation.
  • Supports 32-bit wide data bus.
  • Optional EEPROM interface for configuration data.
  • Two programmable LED outputs for PHY status.
  • Single +3.3V power supply voltage with a common ground plane.

Product Details

The 78Q8430 Embest Evaluation Board (78Q8430-ARM9-EVM) is a design example for a 10/100BASE-TX MAC+PHY Embest S3CEB2410 daughter card. The D8430T3A_EB plugs directly into the Embest S3CEB2410 (ARM9™ based) motherboard. The network connection is provided by the 78Q8430 which is a single chip auto-sensing, auto-switching (auto-negotiation or parallel detect modes and auto-MDIX) 10/100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet transceiver with full duplex operation capability. The device is designed specifically for the Audio/Visual (A/V) and Set Top Box (STB) markets and is easily interfaced to available A/V and STB core processors.

The 78Q8430 is compliant with applicable IEEE®-802.3 standards. MAC and PHY configuration and status registers are provided as specified by IEEE802.3u. The integrated MAC is supported by an internal 32KByte transmit and receive SRAM FIFO. The partition of transmit and receive queues is configurable through software, allowing the 78Q8430 to be tuned for specific applications. The device contains hardware support for TCP-IP checksum and ARC address recognition.


  • Digital Video Recorders/Players
  • High-Definition 1080p/1080i DTVs
  • High-Performance Satellite, Cable, and IPTV Set-Top Boxes
  • IP-PVR and Video Distribution Systems
  • Multimedia Residential Gateways
  • Routers and IADs

Applicable Parts