Features and Benefits

  • Allows easy evaluation of the 78P2352
  • Includes configuration headers and dipswitches for HW control options
  • Link status LEDs for both channels
  • Options for using on-board crystal oscillator or external reference clock
  • 17.408MHz and 19.44MHz on-board crystal oscillators allow easy evaluations of PDH and SDN/SONET applications.
  • 48-pin box connector for parallel (nibble) interface
  • SMA connectors for serial (LVPECL) interface
  • 3.3V power supply

Product Details

The 78P2352 demo board is designed to facilitate easy evaluation of the 78P2352 Line Interface Unit (LIU) in the electrical (coaxial) domain. The board can be easily configured into different operating modes with the on board configuration headers and dipswitches. On the line side, all the necessary discrete components are included for transmitting and receiving CMI signal on the 75Ω coaxial line.

If needed, all other discrete components can be populated to support the optical line interface.


  • Add/Drop Multiplexers (ADMs)
  • Central Office Interconnects
  • Digital Microwave Radios
  • DSLAMs
  • Multiservice Switches

Documentation & Resources