Features and Benefits

Demo Board Kit Includes:
  • A 73S9008C Demo Board (Rev. 1)
  • The following documents:
    • 73S8009CN Data Sheet
    • 73S8009CN Demo Board User Manual (this document)

Product Details

The Teridian Semiconductor Corporation 73S8009CN Demo Board is a platform for evaluating the Teridian 73S8009CN 32-pin QFN Smart Card Interface IC. It incorporates the 73S8009CN integrated circuit, and it is designed to operate either as a standalone platform (to be used in conjunction with an external microcontroller) or as a daughter card to be used in conjunction with the 73S12xxF evaluation platform. The 73S8009CN Demo Board supports the ability to connect the C4/C8 pins of a smart card/SIM to the USB D+/D- interface.


  • Desktop Computers
  • General-Purpose Smart Card Readers Requiring Low Power Operation from a Single 2.7V to 6.5V Power-Supply Voltage Source
  • Laptops

Documentation & Resources