Our full-frequency spectrum of parts combined with unmatched experience in instrumentation, communications, industrial, and aerospace and defense markets is helping the world’s leading companies develop disruptive technologies and applications that are redefining the future.


Analog Devices’ High-Speed Converters technology delivers value to customers in the Communications, Instrumentation, and Defense markets.

Wideband Receiver for 5G, Instrumentation, and ADEF

The efficient, high-performance AD9213 supports large instantaneous bandwidths for applications including scopes, analyzers and wideband/multiband radios.

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Wideband Receiver

RF Technology for 5G millimeter Wave Radio

Review the various technologies that can be applied to mmWave beamforming systems for 5G base stations.

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RF Technology

An Interview with Analog Devices Discussing RF Electronics for Phased Array Applications

Explore a brief history of phased array evolution and discuss how RF electronics impact the latest architecture trends and challenges.

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Discussing RF Electronics

Key Breakthrough Products

AD9081 Chip


MxFE™ Quad, 16-Bit, 12GSPS RFDAC and Quad, 12-Bit, 4GSPS RFADC

ADRV9026 Chip


Integrated, Quad RF Transceiver with Observation Path



Integrated Wideband Microwave Combined Up & Down converter for applications utilizing 24 GHz to 29 GHz.

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave Product Portfolio

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RF Reference Designs

Save time, lower risk and improve time to market with proven RF reference designs

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Reference Designs

Analog Devices Solves RF Challenges



ADI has been supplying RFICs to all types and multiple generations of radio communications gear for decades. With the new generation wireless mobile network just around the corner, ADI leads the path to upgrading the 5G mobile networks not only in the sub-6 GHz bands, but also the mmWave 5G platforms. ADI offers highly integrated transceivers along with the most complete, high performance RF and microwave signal chain ICs from baseband to beamforming antenna arrays.


Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense long served as the most advanced industry for RF/mW developments. This continues with the development of Phased Array Antennas and as the use of higher frequencies (up to 130 GHz) are embraced by Aerospace and Defense industries around the globe. Key to this industry is a reliability and certification standard exceeding all others. ADI supplies RFmW solutions for Avionics, Space, RADAR, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Naval and Security applications.



Safety-critical messages must be transmitted reliably and quickly in all environments and traffic situations both from car-to-car and car-to-cloud. RADAR systems for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles are required to have significant improvements in resolution and range compared to existing offerings to enable the detection of smaller and more distant threats. ADI provides proven reliable 24, 60 and 77 GHz RADAR solutions for active interrogation for the automotive industry. These solutions are also applicable to UAVs and the industrial market.