Improving Your Machine Health with OtoSense Condition Monitoring

ADI OtoSense™ is an AI-driven sensing interpretation platform that can acquire, learn, and make sense of any physical phenomena, such as sound, vibration, pressure, current, and temperature. With a range of continuous condition-based monitoring capabilities, it can analyze machine health, oversee manufacturing processes, and notice anomalies before they become an issue. AI models operate at the edge (near assets) to deliver their output in real time, online and offline, which can help avoid unnecessary downtime, catastrophic damage, or breakdowns.

A big step forward in condition monitoring, it learns by interacting with your domain experts to identify failures more precisely. The OtoSense platform becomes your expert’s assistant and tailors itself to your needs. Safe and scalable, OtoSense technology is modular, flexible, and can be deployed anywhere from manufacturing production lines to space application, such as on a Mars rover.

To expand on our condition-based monitoring capabilities for Industry 4.0, Analog Devices acquired Test Motors.

ADI OtoSense

A Range of OtoSense Solutions

The OtoSense portfolio has offerings tailored to your individual needs and use cases.

Quality Control

Enhanced quality control for 100% of the assets on production line, compared to traditional methods of sample testing. It can also be used in the production processes to help the operators monitor suspected problem areas, by identifying and diagnosing root causes of process issues.

  • Allows an automated process by making faster, better informed AI-driven decisions to single out abnormal units, using the interpretation of sound / vibration.
  • Detects a larger amount of defective units to reduce re-tests, customer returns and warranty costs
  • Creates a repository of reliable and standardized data for all the manufactured assets, readily available across the company.

Edge Monitoring

Real time condition monitoring of any asset.

  • Detects abnormal behavior on rotating or non-rotating machines to reduce unforeseen downtimes and optimize maintenance resource allocation
  • Monitors the assets at the edge, enabling the control over the data sent by the edge device. Because models run at the edge, data going to the cloud is filtered – sending only the most important data to the cloud for analysis, reducing both computing needs and lag time, and enables continuous data collection.
  • Becomes a diagnostics tool once trained by your domain experts

Field Diagnostics

Portable maintenance solution to perform on-site inspection of assets, even out in remote field sites.

  • Monitors multiple equipment types on the same portable device, with on-demand data collection
  • Enables fast, reliable, and standardized data collection – easily shared across a company
  • Provides an immediate health score of the asset using sound/vibration collected with the portable device
  • Flexibility for remote-location monitoring enables diagnosis anywhere and helps route maintenance technicians monitor asset health

Watch our Field Diagnostics solution video

Predictive Maintenance for Electric Motors

Real time recommendations based on LV/MV electric motors performance

  • Relies on temperature, vibration and magnetic flux to diagnose critical motor faults
  • Sends notifications specifying the diagnostic, the severity level and the recommended actions to schedule corrective maintenance to avoid costly interruptions in uptime

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OtoSense Applications

OtoSense can be applied to a wide range of industries—reducing downtime, decreasing maintenance costs, and increasing productivity. Here are four examples.



Reduce the time and financial costs of aircraft on ground (AOG). OtoSense enables starter, APU, or ECS checks during line maintenance. The software provides immediate feedback on component health and furnishes diagnostic of any mechanical component or fluid motion—all with minimal impact on maintenance operations.

Waste and Water

Waste and Water

Identify failures such as leakage and cavitation in your waste and water plant. Optimize production and improve the quality control process. OtoSense reduces the time needed to perform the QC assessment of the asset while detecting and predicting new minor and major faults.



Monitor the entire power plant no matter how complex or large. Decrease the unplanned maintenance of large assets or those located in challenging environments. OtoSense enables the knowledge transfer of experienced technicians to better detect and predict anomalies, breakdowns, and catastrophic failures while maintaining machine health through condition monitoring.



Lessen unplanned factory downtime, increase productivity, and improve allocation of maintenance resources. OtoSense detects the early warning signs of deterioration and alerts technicians. The software enables predictive maintenance, helping to maintain machine health while reducing the cost of unnecessary scheduled maintenance.

OtoSense AI Software

OtoSense AI software is a full turnkey solution, adaptable to any implementation and environment, designed for real-time continuous condition monitoring and on-demand diagnostics. Make the most of its modularity and flexibility to extract value from your sensing data. Predict breakdowns before they happen and protect your most valuable assets.

Learn More About OtoSense AI Software

OtoSense AI Software

Adding the Human "Expert" - Your Machine Has Never Been This Predictable

In this video, ADI's Kevin Carlin discusses the Sensing Interpretation evolution, turning raw physical data into actionable insights. Learn how easily AI can be adopted to any of your machines and how ADI's Otosense platforms provide accurate diagnostics for predictive maintenance and enhanced quality control.

Why Choose OtoSense

OtoSense makes sense of any sound of vibration


OtoSense is not limited to rotating machines. Its defaults encompass both frequency and time domain, allowing for the detection of transient events (the click of a fuel connector or the knock of an engine) and stationary sounds (the continuous hum of a pump or motor).

OtoSense is a holistic solution, monitoring a wide range of assets.

OtoSense processes data continuously


OtoSense’s wired solution enables continuous condition monitoring and the collection of data without interruption, allowing for the detection and recognition of transient sound or vibration—the warning signs of an impending failure.

OtoSense models run at the edge, in real-time


Anomaly detection and recognition models are created on the OtoSense AI software and pushed to an edge device, where they run locally. The edge device not only extracts sound and vibration features; it also runs the models in real time.

No need to send all the data to the cloud or be connected to it; you’ll be notified immediately, even with low network bandwidth, if an anomaly or a specific event occurs.

OtoSense does not require intervention by scientists or specialists


A user-friendly interface enables any individual, whatever their level of expertise, to tag data and create event recognition models. No need to hire a data scientist or a signal specialist. The only resource personnel you may want to leverage is your in-house maintenance team.

OtoSense is scalable


Only edge computing enables continuous condition monitoring that is fully scalable, offers near real-time insights, and facilitates local actions. OtoSense provides both sensing and interpretation at the edge, drastically reducing the amount of data required compared to cloud processing.

Gartner predicts edge data generation and processing will increase from 10% (2018) to 75% (2025).

Meet the scientist behind the science: Sebastien Christian

Sebastien Christian, OtoSense AI Engineering Director, has a unique understanding of human senses. Learn how he’s making sense of senses while revolutionizing machine learning.

Read about Sebastien

Sebastien Christian

Girl at a lake at night time looking at the stars with a flashlight
Girl at a lake at night time looking at the stars with a flashlight
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