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A Better Way to Save Lives.

Smoke detectors save lives. Three of every five fire-related deaths in the U.S. occurred in properties without smoke detectors. Smoke detectors save lives, but only when they are used properly. In properties with smoke detectors, nearly one in four deaths (23%) occurred where smoke detectors were not working, or were disabled due to frequent false alarms.

Smoke detector manufacturers face four critical challenges:

  1. Higher performance to reduce the frequency of false alarms, which result in consumers disabling or turning off the units.
  2. New regulatory requirements (UL217, EN54/14604).
  3. Power consumption that requires frequent battery replacement.
  4. Reducing smoke detector size to enable easier architectural integration and aesthetic appeal.

How it works

Analog Devices offers a solution that combines an analog front-end, dual wavelength LEDs, and photodiodes into a small package, greatly simplifying the optical design and reducing the smoke detector footprint. The integration of the photodiode and AFE also provides high ambient light rejection and wide dynamic range to better reduce false alarms.

ADI Solution vs Common Solution

An integrated optical design greatly simplifies the optical design and offers significant system enhancements.

The ADI solution uses a Mie scattering approach with closer proximity of the LED to the photodiode. This reduces circuit board size and allows for smaller smoke detectors that are more architecturally compatible for residential and commercial use. In addition it offers an easier supply chain, because the whole solution is manufactured, tested and verified by Analog Devices. This significantly reduces the risk of the customer. The Accumold 28800X smoke chamber was developed in partnership with Analog Devices, tuned to the ADPD188BI smoke sensor, to offer the complete optical sub-system solution for smoke detectors.

ADI has also developed a smoke detector reference design including UL 217 test data set and algorithm designed and tested to meet UL requirements, accelerating development cycles, reduce cost and project risk.

Smoke Detection Solution Features

Leveraging our deep sensor expertise, we can provide integrated solutions to help manufacturers engineer better smoke detectors.



Our integrated design uses two colors to separate particle sizes, increasing the ability to detect and classify smoke types and reject nuisance sources in challenging environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms.



The ADI module is engineered to help manufacturers meet UL217/268 requirements as well as EN54/14604 specifications.



The analog front end (AFE) and integrated design result in better power management to extend battery life, allow for sensors, and support wireless product designs.



Integrating circuitry and components allows for a smaller, simplified chamber design to improve manufacturing flow efficiency. It also reduces calibration requirements at production test and assembly, which contributes to an overall reduced system cost.



On-chip calibration reduces factory end-of-line calibration requirements.

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A Better Way to Design Smoke Detectors

There is 83% less time available to escape a fire than in the 1970s due to the presence of more synthetic materials in living and work spaces. Learn how solutions from ADI are combatting this with better performance, safety, and smoke detectors.

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Webcast: How to Design Better Smoke Detectors to Meet New Regulatory Requirements

New UL217/268 guidelines introduce criteria to reduce nuisance alarms. But how can manufacturers be sure they are meeting this regulatory compliance and preventing the high occurrence of nuisance alarms? New high-performance sensing solutions from ADI are helping smoke and fire detector manufacturers solve these challenges. Tune in to our webcast to hear about our range of solution offerings available.

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ADPD188BI - Integrated Optical Module for Smoke Detection

Making Buildings Smarter & Safer with the ADPD188BI

Analog Devices offers the only fully integrated smoke detector module on the market today. Our breakthrough smoke detection solutions lower nuisance alarms, support stringent regulations and UL standards, and uses 3X lower power dissipation, enabling smaller and less expensive batteries.

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