Temperature Controllers

Temperature sensing is ubiquitous within automation systems. To obtain the low noise and drift specifications demanded in high-performance temperature sensing and control solutions, designers must consider multiple factors and the impact of each on the overall system. ADI offers products and signal chain solutions tailored for RTD and thermocouple applications.

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Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet

Supporting existing communication protocols and standards within today’s temperature measurement systems, while also considering future communication needs makes designing for industrial Ethernet a significant challenge. ADI has put considerable research into finding the answers and are already collaborating with leading industry partners to bring Ethernet to the process and factory floor.

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Interface and Isolation

Interface and Isolation

Learn more about digital interfaces and digital isolation solutions that can meet the requirements for interfacing to temperature sensors. Discover how innovative technologies have led to isolation solutions without many of the constraints found in optocouplers.

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Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications

Discover a proven and robust wireless solution that meets the requirements for industrial applications. SmartMesh is the only wireless network designed for the harshest industrial environments where low power, reliability, resilience, and scalability are key.

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Power by Linear Spotlight
Power by Linear

Form factor, efficiency and EMI. In the data-rich and sensor-filled factories of Industry 4.0, these performance metrics have never been more critical. Discover how ADI’s unique technologies can deliver high results in each area, without compromising performance.

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